Christmas 6,900 Kilometers Away From Home

It was a chilly and ordinary night in the United Arab Emirates. The streets were deserted, the fog had begun to set, and as I waited for my bus ride home, the only sounds I could hear were the revved up cars and the loud chatter of some Indians and Pakistanis nearby. The temperature read … Continue reading Christmas 6,900 Kilometers Away From Home


Why I Left

We make a lot of journeys in life, literally and figuratively, to be able to just get there to whatever place we want to be. Every journey must begin somewhere, and it often begins with a 'why'. Here is mine.

Where To?

In a time lapse, I am on a standstill. While I am busy trying to figure out what I want to do, the world has already gone ahead of me. This feeling of getting left behind I cannot quell, it feels like I have to constantly move, never mind where, as long as I keep on moving.