The Many Faces of “Kumusta Ka?”

This question is so overused, I often doubt its purpose. Or maybe I'm just over-analyzing an innocuous greeting. I almost always do.


Why I Left

We make a lot of journeys in life, literally and figuratively, to be able to just get there to whatever place we want to be. Every journey must begin somewhere, and it often begins with a 'why'. Here is mine.

Where To?

In a time lapse, I am on a standstill. While I am busy trying to figure out what I want to do, the world has already gone ahead of me. This feeling of getting left behind I cannot quell, it feels like I have to constantly move, never mind where, as long as I keep on moving.

2017. Day 2.

Author Paulo Coelho was right when he wrote, "It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary." These simple gestures from my family made me appreciate what I have right now. A family that may not be expressive, but deeply cares.


There’s just something about this doll that makes it difficult for me to dump her into the trash bag. It’s like a part of me was in her. A happy, if not always happy, childhood.