To You, My Love

Meeting you was a fortunate stroke of serendipity.

For years, I strove hard to build a wall around me, hoping it would protect my heart from any kind of pain falling in love and being in love might bring. For years, it served its purpose well; I was able to keep my heart intact despite a few instances of being lovesick. But the same walls caged me in, too. I longed to be loved, but I could not easily let anyone in.

Until, through my love for story-telling and chronicling, I met you.

Years ago, I chased a story that had you in it. I enjoyed doing that story a lot, which involved a childhood dream of learning more about the cosmos. I restrained myself from being too thrilled in meeting someone who shared the same dream as mine. Deep inside I was dying to get to know you more, you who made his dream come true as one of the country’s first homegrown astronomers.

We became friends. You welcomed me into your realm, and you helped me satiate my thirst for the science we both revel in. And then we went on with our lives. You were smitten with someone else; I was busy chasing someone who I knew could not be mine.

Then one day, you caught me off guard. You, of all people, saw through my walls. You, the least I would expect, taught me how to be unafraid of the hurt that comes along with love.

The first time I met him was in 2012 for an article I wrote about him and his field. I spent my internship at the Manila Bulletin then, enthusiastic about having to write stories close to my heart—astronomy.

Contrary to what I had hoped for, you are not John Green’s Augustus Waters or “Woodchuck” Todd from the movie Easy A the hopeless romantic in me would often imagine of meeting. You are not a doctor or a lawyer by profession, the type of men that appealed the most to me because they seem to promise a sense of security and comfortable life. You are not the romantic bard I have always dreamed who would melt my heart with strings of words beautifully woven for me.

You are you.

Despite your own qualms about love itself, you took the risk of falling in love again and embraced me with all your heart. You did not hesitate to show me all your weaknesses and flaws. You braved the backlash of caring for a woman who has been so used to facing life single-handledly.

You faced your fears head-on so you can make me feel special in so many ways I can only imagine then. You’ve brought comfort even if I’ve often given you woes. You’ve been relentless in making an effort to put a smile on my face even if that cost you a great deal of sacrifice. You are unyielding, always putting me first, always your priority.

You are you. You showcase the most genuine and the purest love. And I cannot thank the Universe enough for that.

I fell for you, slowly, and then hard.

You are the catalyst to a story of love I hadn’t anticipated—more beautiful than any romance novels I have read.

Our love is far from perfect; our temperaments do not often get along well, often influenced by polarized views and motley priorities., but I would not exchange this love for anything else. Our story will always be my favorite, and I won’t get tired of telling it to people again and again.

I wrote about you once. But now, words will continue to pour for you—for us—and I will be writing more about you in my lifetime, until words to describe how I feel for you won’t be enough, until the pages to keep our memories run out. CV


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