About Gabriela Simang

Gabriela Simang is a personal blog run by Cez Verzosa, a Filipina millennial known to her friends as Simang. She earned that moniker way back in elementary because, unlike the approachable, amiable, and nice grade-schooler anyone would have expected and imagined, she was often caught frowning (simangot in Filipino), disappointed by how life had turned out for her—difficult and worry-laden at such a young age because you know, people do not precisely know how to deal with a nerd. Thankfully, she outgrew it but decided to revive that nickname in college because it was easy to remember.

Now she’s using it as an identity for her blog by doing a bit of word play with a famous Filipino heroine’s name that goes by the name of Gabriela Silang. This woman fought alongside her husband Diego, and when the latter died she continued the fight, becoming the first Filipina to lead a revolution against the Spaniards.

And like anyone else, Simang believes that life is full of battles, big or small, and at the end of it are stories that are meant to be told. Hence the tagline Charging at life, one story at a time.

The blog is has three categories, namely Musings, or the personal reflections about life, dreams, and love; The Life Abroad, where she shares all her notable experiences in the Middle East; Places I’ve Been, where she keeps record of a few of her travels; and Books I’ve Read, where she shares her personal thoughts on some of the books she’s finished consuming.

She is currently in the United Arab Emirates, working as an Overseas Filipino Worker, a humbling experience she would love to share to the world.

Gabriela Simang - Profile Picture

Profile Photo by Gabby Navarro